Is your closet a source of frustration? Do you find yourself worked up and stressed out every morning when you attempt to find something decent to wear for the day? Do you head off to work in a bad mood because now you’re running late and hate what you have on?

Life is waaaay to short to live like this!! Stop it !!

If you are shaking your head saying “Yes!! That’s me!!” then our Wardrobe Consulting Service is exactly what you need! Whether your closet is busting at the seams with piles of clothes on shelves and even on the floor or if you have a sparse closet with barely the essentials we can change the closet game for you.

One of our Savvy Stylists will meet you in your closet to sort, stack and shuffle through. We will help you find the pieces that aren’t working for your current body shape and need to be donated, the pieces that haven’t been in style since your highschool days and the pieces that could be the staples of your new working wardrobe.¬† Once everything is gone through and cleaned up, we will then begin teaching you how to make outfits out of all of the perfect pieces that have been hiding in there all along. We will snap pics of each outfit for you to use as a reference in the mornings when you are deciding on your outfit of the day. We will also help you make a list of all of the closet staples you may need to fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

Stop wasting hours of your life being angry at your wardrobe.

Let us help you take back your mornings!

$225 / 2 hours  ($40 per additional hour)