Do your shopping trips leave you with dressing room meltdown? Do you take stacks of things into the dressing room to try on only to leave empty handed and frustrated? Or worse, the salesperson¬†won’t take “no thank you”¬†for an answer and spends an hour handing you outfit after outfit over the dressing room door until you are left feeling exhausted and terrible about your body ( although the salesperson thinks you look gorgeous in that frumpy, too long skirt and hideous cardigan because, well because she needs the sale!!)

Stop the crazy!!!

Book our Shopping Service and one of our fabulous (and completely honest …because, well because she truly wants you to look good!) stylists will meet you at the store or boutique of your choice and help you find exactly what you need.

Our stylist will chat with you prior to your shopping session to come up with a game plan… what are you looking for? what size do you feel most comfortable in right now? etc…

She will then show up at the shopping location about a half hour prior to your arrival to pull outfits and prepare a dressing room for you. When you arrive you will get straight to business trying on outfits… no need to search through racks or deal with pushy sales people.

Our stylist will show you exactly what styles and colors will work for your body and will create a shopping experience for you that is pleasant and productive. You will leave your session feeling excited about your new purchases, body positive and smiling!

$65 (1 hour / $25 per additional hour)

** 1 hour minimum