Do you love shopping but feel overwhelmed by the rows and rows of colors and patterns? Then our shopping service is just what you need! Schedule with us and one of our shopaholic stylists will meet you at the store of your choice and help you shop. We will show you what colors and materials are most flattering and how to accessorize it all.

$65 (1 Hr. / $25 per addtl hr)

If you have a closet full of “nothing to wear”, aren’t sure what is still in style and what should be in the donation box, and could use a hand creating outfits within your own wardrobe, then this is the service for you.

$225 (2 Hrs. / $40 per addtl hr)

Planning a vacation but completely discouraged at the thought of packing your suitcase? How can you bring enough outfits to look good for every outing yet not have to bring 10 suitcases? No worries, we can totally figure that out for you!

$65 (1 hr. / $25 per addtl. hr)

Are you the mastermind behind a huge event and need to look the part on the big day? Do you have a class reunion coming up and want to “wow” your old classmates? Or maybe you are finally taking that dream vacay? Whatever the occasion we can find you the perfect thing to wear!

$65 (1 hr. / $25 per addtl. hr)

Do you have an upcoming photo shoot and have no idea what outfit in your closet is camera worthy? Or maybe it’s a themed shoot and you don’t want to spend money on an outfit you’ll never wear again. We gotcha girl!

$65 (1 hr. / $25 per addtl. hr)

 Package Pricing Available!

When it comes to style are you always left feeling completely lost? It sure seems like there is so much to know, right?! Well we have a secret… It’s actually, really not that hard.

We offer several avenues to get you on the right path to fashion confidence and feeling good in that fabulous bod that God gave you.

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